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Customized solutions for comprehensive business development

SMEs Professional Training

Goal-oriented  management
Balanced scorecards to help decision making
Effective delegation

Daily tasks can make us have a biased viewpoint of our business' reality. Business owners must often take care of emergencies instead of paying attention to really important issues. The difficulty in reaching an effective delegation enables them to look after the strategic matters and forces them to get involved in operational tasks. The purpose: the transition from “I am the company” to “measure, prioritize, delegate”.

Restructuring and organization of family businesses

Organization of family businesses
Passing on to new generations

The economic growth in this kind of endeavours is very often produced in an informal way and can even cause confrontations among family members. A turning point has been reached. It is time to clarify business processes, define responsabilities and apply the appropiate tools which allow a good passing on to the next generation and the continuity of the business’ activity.

Resources optimization

Internal processes reengineering
Costs reduction

DINKA performs a full review of the company in order to detect areas for improvement and generate management schemes to identify the business leverage. From there on, we seek to reinvent, redefine or improve the company’s internal processes in order to optimize them and lower costs. This also contributes to manage an effective delegation.

Commercial Management

Commercial strategy
Sales balanced scorecards

Commercial strategy seeks to boost, increase and channel sales in order to clarify the trade related objectives, decrease commercial costs and enhance margins and profitability. It defines what we are offering, to whom, at what price and how we do it, aligned with the SMEs targets and allowing the business to grow in a consistent, sustained, efficient and profitable way.

New businesses and project start-ups

Business Plan design
Business developement
Business Start-ups

An idea is born, a project is born. We work side by side with our customers to outline clear strategies and specific objectives, starting from the business plan creation through to its implementation. We focus on developing projections and clear objectives, seeking for a market distinction, drawing up marketing strategies, defining the trade elements, costs, etc.

Sales Management

Sales Force Coaching and Training
Tools for sales results tracking 
Outsourced Sales Management

We design tailor-made courses for each company to achieve a professionalized sales force and get the best out of its capabilities. Templates are designed for individual monitoring and growth promotion. Certain projects require a sales specialist taking over as a temporary outsource sales manager who takes responsibility of training the sales force and keeps track of them

Market Research

Mystery Shoppers and Mystery Callers
Customer Satisfaction
New Product and Services testings

Market Research enables to strengthen the business, leveraging on knowledge. Using different techniques, we offer information about the clients´ weaknesses and the good practices detected among competitors.
Facing new challenges such as widening the array of products and services, we advise our clients with the "go to market", minimizing the risk of mistakes regarding the segment´s preferences.

In-company Training

The dizzying progress of new technologies and the continuous changes of new paradigms are forcing the companies to constant training to stay competitive.
On a case-by-case basis and clearly defined needs, we offer specially designed and tailored workshops.


Who are those who choose us?

We support business owners and entrepreneurs who need to find several solutions for their SMEs or projects in just one place:

  Managers of SMEs and Familiy Enterprises which reflect structural problems in their organizations, affecting the good development of their activities.

  SME's entrepreneurs, no matter the size of the business, detecting a lack of focus in their business evolution.

Entrepreneurs feeling confident in their projects and needing to achieve better results and increase their sales.

Entrepreneurs trusting their ideas, feeling the rush of adrenaline to start their own venture, but needing help and support for the initial steps.