Sandra Felsenstein runs her own DINKA consultancy, with which he has supported Argentine companies in the world and dozens of start ups. Eclectic and moving, puts the seriousness of engineering to your commercial intuitions.

She is an Industrial Engineer graduated from the UBA with a Postgraduate Degree in Strategic Marketing, However, it gives all his projects an artistic air that is his signature.

"I have traveled an interesting path until I reached the consultant, discovering different companies with their needs. Views from different angles, you can get to design a service format that ‘fits’ just for the company. At DINKA I have already implemented this method, that we currently provide to our clients. ”

But Felsenstein began his professional career in an industrial plant of the Johnson company & Johnson, Then he worked in a large financial company analyzing European and US companies for the construction of investment portfolios.. Later he entered a renowned consulting firm, assigned to process reengineering for Quilmes and Techint.

"All these experiences confirmed my suspicions that desks were not for me and that what motivates me the most are the challenges, the constant changes, non-monotony. So one day I kicked the desk and looked for what made me happy. The ‘conventional’ business format was no longer attractive to me, ”he explains..

At that time they offered him the representation of BICG - a Spanish consulting firm specialized in Innovation and New Forms of Work - for whom he led the project to move REPSOL YPF in Argentina to the new César Pelli towers in Puerto Madero.. Simultaneously, he discovered an interesting niche that did not exactly fit the traditional scheme of work.: Argentine Design and its ‘exit to the world’. “This is how my own venture was born - DINKA that, before becoming the consultant she is today, it started representing and marketing products from local designers abroad ”recalls Felsenstein.

"The main challenge was to generate tools and practical solutions to achieve an efficient development of commercial relations between 2 business ends, with such different characteristics: local producers (low affinity for business) on the one hand, and buyers abroad (with marked professional demands in the management of their commercial relationships) for the other", describe.

After this journey, DINKA today specializes in advising entrepreneurs and SMEs. Together with his team, Sandra is strongly oriented to boost existing businesses and guide and promote new ventures, from strategic design to final implementation.

"I understand each case as unique and particular; We take special care in designing and implementing the necessary tools aimed at the growth of SMEs and entrepreneurs.



"Being at NASA to 17 years showed me that everything was possible in life ”, afirma Sandra Felsenstein. Participated with schoolmates in a NASA contest, they found browsing the principles of the Internet. The challenge was to design a space colony. In 5th year they decided to send the project. The big surprise was that a few weeks later they were told that they had won the First Prize.. It was the first time that a school outside the United States had won it, and the news had great repercussion in the local and North American media.. The award was a Space and Technology course at NASA, in addition to exposing the project to NASA technical staff. "We were extremely fortunate to witness the launch of a Space Shuttle from Cape Canaveral. It was an exciting experience. ”



During the first stage of DINKA (Argentine Design stage) they published a full page note about my venture in the Financial Times of the US and Europe, describing it as a successful solution to promote and market designer products around the world ”. The note was taken in many countries, between us UAE.

Few days after publication, Surprisingly, Felsenstein received an invitation to travel to the Emirates and meet with an important businessman from Abu Dhabi and his relative., Sheikh from another emirate. The objective was to present the DINKA model and the possibility of implementation in those lands. “There were several trips with a dreamy luxury, where I could get to know that culture. Another unforgettable experience ’.