When asked “what does being an entrepreneur mean for you??”, What would you answer? What do you consider it is to have an entrepreneurial attitude? Surely each of us would find a different answer. The entrepreneurial attitude is not necessarily associated with work ventures or profitable projects, rather it is a way of life.

The path of the entrepreneur is full of unforeseen events, we are not going to deny it to you, but, definitely, undertake, that is, make, implies that the desire exceeds the comfort. It means having initiative, agility and being willing to take risks. It also involves working on some of these skills, that we were seeing and we will summarize you below:


Try to understand the feelings of the other, put yourself in their place. This is important for any personal project, but it is also key and widely used in the business world.


Do not confuse it with low self-esteem! Being humble is simply knowing your strengths and weaknesses and being sure of yourself., but without vanity. Developing this capacity will facilitate your relationship with other people in whatever field you are in.. Successful entrepreneurs don't brag, make. Only through our actions, and not from our words, we show who we really are.


Entrepreneurs are often innovative. Curiosity is directly linked to the desire to constantly know and learn new things. And this inclination for novelty and for asking yourself repeated questions allows you to take steps forward and develop innovative ideas..


In whatever you undertake, both personally and professionally, you're going to have to risk, because it's the only way to grow. Try new things, get out of your comfort zone, is taking risks. Of course, you have to analyze in depth the different scenarios and implement what is necessary to minimize the consequences. The real risk is not failing, is not trying.


We already talked a lot about this, but it is key to developing an entrepreneurial attitude. Keep your desire to learn permanently activated!


The path of the entrepreneur is not easy, it's an obstacle course. Only through perseverance and resilience will you get up and come out stronger every time you have a setback, looking for new paths and opportunities. Learn from your mistakes: failing has its positive side. Try again, this time, taking advantage of what you learned from your failed attempt.


Lack of self-confidence can make any attempt at entrepreneurship you have in mind fail. So, if you are passionate about something, then work on your self-confidence and do it!! Move forward with optimism, not only for you, but to be able to enthuse and transmit your passion to those who accompany you. Pessimistic people tend to focus on problems and not on finding solutions. In that way, moving forward with any goal is usually much more difficult.


Take responsibility for your own life! And this personal responsibility is going to translate into everything you do and everything you say.. Be the protagonist, be the leader of your own change, with all your values, hits and misses.

Put these skills into practice to bring out the entrepreneur in you. And remember, as Wayne Gretzky said: “I lost the 100% of the shots that you will not shoot ". So get started, It's the moment.