Once a work environment has been created in which all team members feel comfortable, it will be essential to achieve spaces in which ideas can be shared and achievements recognized.

Escribe Sandra Felsenstein

We usually say that the team is more than the sum of the parts. And why is that? Because when we manage to create synergy between people, the result is a group of individuals working for the same goal, leveraging efforts and generating not only shared learning but also good common practices.
The value of teamwork has become increasingly important in recent years, situation that encourages academic efforts and studies aimed at understanding how to maximize the benefits of this type of work.
The globalization, that generates constant changes in world trends, added to the increasingly fast and sophisticated communications require that companies and enterprises are forced to be more efficient. How? Betting on optimizing the quality of products and / or services; focusing on customer service and continuous evaluation of internal processes to reduce costs, (Quilmes, Pepsi). .
Without a doubt, in this sense, it will be essential to start including technological advances in all our activities to improve processes and their results. But no less important will be to keep the focus on human resources, which must always comply with some central premises: be suitable and willing to implement both new technologies, as the changes that these bring.
It is worth noting here that we should always keep in mind: "If you give a mediocre team a good idea, they will spoil it, whereas if you give a great team a mediocre idea, will improve it or discard it, in function to generate another superadora ". Personally, I consider that the good atmosphere in the work group represents a very important part of the success of a company.
Not to overlook
One of the keys to achieving innovative companies is having heterogeneous work teams. For them it is required to pay special attention to the members that compose them. Keep in mind that a group is made up of individuals with interests, values, different ideas and ways of communicating and also with different rhythms. In other times, these differences could be perceived as possible generators of personal wear, demotivation, poor performance or high dropout, among others. At present, the opposite is interpreted.
That is to say, these differences must be exploited in pursuit of successful performance, since they are the ones that motivate the generation of new ideas and proposals. In other words, promote creativity. Form interdisciplinary teams Form interdisciplinary teams is the main raw material to innovate.
Each of us unfailingly brings with it preconceptions and if we do not exchange ideas and opinions with people of different backgrounds and training, we will always arrive at the same answers, conclusions and solutions.
Generate suitable scopes
Team leaders must encourage sharing, creating spaces for this practice, for example, through “suggestion channels” or interactive meetings, in which everyone can present creative and innovative ideas. And THINK, we have scheduled meeting moments, in which we bring themes or problems to the table and dedicate ourselves to brainstorming based on these themes. It is key that these spaces are "scheduled", have a limited time, and that from them, conclusions are drawn that lead to concrete actions. In the course of the meetings there should be "divergent" moments of creation, during which everyone should be able to contribute ideas without filters, (brainstorming), to then focus on the most viable ideas and with a greater probability of materializing.
At the vets
All work team, either within a veterinary company or in any type of organization, requires that the objectives are very clear and well known by all the members, for which excellent internal communication is essential. Clarity and fluency in the communication of the objectives to be met, the strategies to use, the progress and achievements that are obtained, are of immense value in sustaining team motivation.
She also , and also in order to maintain sustained enthusiasm from its members, It is important to recognize the performance and achievements that are obtained, both individually and as a group in their joint action.
This allows us to get away, to a greater or lesser extent of the old control processes "by tasks" to move to control "by objectives", what generates empowerment of the collaborators towards the company or organization, achieving greater commitment and consequently better results.
At present, it tends not to speak of "employee" but rather the term "collaborator" is used. To achieve more innovative companies, greater employee satisfaction and consequently better results, seeking to empower employees. In fact, workers do not value cash remuneration exclusively, but they attach great importance to the satisfaction of belonging to a work team within which to be able to perform freely and flexibly, with a clear mission, in an environment that allows expression and a clear perspective for the future within the organization.
In short, and although teamwork requires clearly present leadership to guide its operation, It is also extremely important that the members individually have their space to express their personal ideas and suggestions and make their contributions to the general project..
This is the paradigm shift from "traditional boss" to "current leader". In this way, a committed and permanently motivated team will be maintained..
These concepts are those that occupy a large part of the current agenda of those responsible for managing companies..