The head of the consultancy DINKA stressed that “a full diagnosis of the situation must be made to make decisions”.


“In the consultancy we have varied clients, from SMEs with many years in the market to people who come only with an idea, with everything to develop”, explained the engineer Sandra Felsenstein, in conversation with Nino Fernández and Gabriela Ensinck, in SME Agenda.

The head of the consulting firm DINKA said that “we offer custom projects and we see the need in each case”.

Too, highlighted: “We like to make a complete diagnosis of each situation, and then decide well where and how we can act”.

And to carry out this analysis, he said that “we rely on information”. However, clarified: “But also how that information is managed. If you are being efficient”.

To end, emphasized something in particular: “The commercial and strategic policy of each company is vital. If we don't have this clear, all the rest will be too difficult”.

Audio of the interview: