Who would have imagined a situation like the one we live in today? No one! But as in any crisis, We should also find the positive part of this and make the best of it.

Crises put us in check and, the greater the uncertainty, more creative we get to develop new solutions to problem situations that we had not registered before. The changes in habits to which we are exposed force us to innovate.

Innovating means doing things differently. Empathize with the problem we want to solve, develop our intuition, be creative in the search for alternatives, and practical and efficient when implementing them. Crises allow us to find new niches and the key is to have the ability to detect opportunities in these challenging times, taking advantage of them in order to generate value and provide some benefit to others.

The most innovative people are usually positive, creative, friends of the “risk”, and be willing to make mistakes and learn from their mistakes. That's why it's important, right now, work on placing ourselves in a positive attitude and combat those situations of fear and stress.

To innovate, it is not always necessary to invent new or extremely creative things, but in many opportunities it is simply a matter of combining existing concepts, apparently different, to create a new one. Or create variants to solutions that already existed to improve them and adapt them to the new reality that is being lived.

Many well-known companies today were born in times of crisis, for example: General Electric, Walt disney, HP, Revlon, IBM, Airbnb y Uber. And let's never forget that no company was born great!!

As Mark Zuckerberg said, “the biggest risk is not taking any risk. In a world that changes very quickly, the only strategy that guarantees failure is not taking any risk”.

By Sandra Felsenstein
Founder and CEO of DINKA, consultancy for SMEs and entrepreneurs.