Make yourself aware of the role you want to take in this adventure and face your purpose with the right attitude.

Imagine that you are part of a play, visualize yourself and answer: Where are you in this play? Think and reflect on what role you occupy in your life or, more specifically, in your project.

We present you some alternatives to analyze:

  • Hero: Are you central and essential in the work, actively participating, giving everything on stage? Do you have an answer or a solution for everything?
  • High school: Are you the secondary character who lives the play but does not get involved? Or do you feel that you are on stage, you live the play, but your results depend entirely on the decisions that someone else makes for you?
  • Public: Are you in the gallery watching the work from outside, without participating? Maybe you feel that the life you see is from another, with someone else's dreams and aspirations, And you find yourself living on autopilot as time passes.
  • Review: Are you looking at the play from the stands, issuing opinions and value judgments? If you judge every action you do and every step you take, you are limiting feel, make a mistake and, definitely, to live.
  • Behind the scenes: Are you backstage, getting ready?, Are you ready but you never get on stage? Perhaps there is some insecurity that does not allow you to gather the courage to live your adventure.

Have you already identified what character you are within the play that you are living? Surely there are moments in your life in which you have each of these roles and it is good that it is so, depending on the circumstances. You can also bring this parallel to the specific project you have in mind. Ask yourself:

  • Why do you think you take that role right now?
  • With which or which do you identify more?
  • Do you do it out of insecurity, for fear of opinions, Why do you think they expect that from you?, to avoid making mistakes, to control?
  • And above all, I went back to the central question: for what? Because it depends on you what attitude you want to take towards the leadership of your life and your projects. The important thing here is that you define it and make it conscious. Let your role be your choice.

Choice is everything

As we already said, the context can change the type of role you take in the face of a challenge many times. Certain situations require that you have a more passive or more active role. But the important thing and what we propose to you today is that you choose that role you take and that it is not that you simply did not have another, that took you by surprise or that you did not dare. I know that you can change, what can you choose. There is the key to achieve what you set out to do, to reach your purpose.

In certain situations, listen to yourself and realize that you can be the second in the act, because that situation can generate anguish or fear and you decide to save that energy for another moment or leave the leading role to someone else. Or find you doing things, even if nobody asked you, to show that picture of the super powerful, and realizing that they weren't expecting that from you can be liberating. And so infinite possibilities that we can only change when we take control of our purpose.

When to be the protagonist

Although we said that you do not always have to have the main role in every situation, you do have to know that being the protagonist and exercising control of your own life is what allows you to get to know yourself, accept you, respect you, with the good and with the bad. It makes you a brave being so, from the authentic, from the depths, be able to make your own decisions. This, far from not being able to change, learn and grow. It just leaves you in the exact place of self-knowledge to start towards the path that you choose yourself and thus be able to change the character or the scene.

By accepting leadership of your own life or of a specific project, you also become the owner and responsible for your decisions and actions, you commit yourself and thus you really live what you want to live and are happier. When you choose for yourself, you will release that unique energy that you carry inside, do you understand what you really want to do, what is your purpose, your impulses, and what is it that motivates you.

So, the question appears: “What play do I want to live?, How is it going?”. If you are not satisfied with the answers, It is a good time to understand that you are not only the protagonist, but also the director of the play, and you can, starting from the understanding of what you dislike, change with time, work and effort the course of that story, you for what.

Can i change roles?

We are social beings and self-esteem is formed over time from your own perception of your qualities, your relationship with the environment and with other people around you. The way to meet you, changing and self-improvement implies being aware, define, thank and drop labels to later be able to give space to new airs and new projects.

At the same time, Your expectations and those that others have of yourself can both benefit you when they encourage you to improve and play against you if they bind you or limit your decisions and your actions. When you are aware of what is expected of you, you can open a dialogue and align them to avoid conflicts. Knowing yourself will help you get out of the role in which you always fall by repetition.

Other times, the conflict may persist and it is at that moment that you should ask yourself: “Whose life am I living?”. Come back, So, to take charge by understanding that it is your own life and you choose your own path, your own role, with love, awareness and commitment.

“When you choose for yourself, you will release that unique energy that you carry inside, do you understand what you really want to do, what is your purpose, your impulses, and what is it that motivates you”.

Due to DINKA’s intervention , again, Ask yourself:

  • With your actions and words are you responding to your deepest desires?
  • Do you know how to listen to yourself to modify the role according to the situation in which you find yourself??

If you answered “Yes” to both questions, stay calm: that is to be the true protagonist of your life.

By Julieta Montaldo
Consultant at DINKA