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Some of Our Clients

These are some of our clients who, through out these years, have trusted and though in DINKA when choosing a "strategic partner" – in addition to more than 20 argentine designers:

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"Sandra Felsenstein is a professional with a keen eye for business. She permanently proves her commitment and responsibility to each project she gets involved in."
Andy Freire.
Modernization, Innovation and Technology Minister of Buenos Aires City Government.
"I feel it was quite a discovery to find DINKA. I felt very comfortable and at easy working with you. It took a very quick process to understand what was needed to be done. You showed a high level of commitment with your work and great detail in introducing new concepts as well as in arranging those we had already internally developed. The result was a deliverable while challenging output, also adapted to the current company culture. "
Ing. Juan Marcelo Lezama.
Head of Markets Development at Metrogas
"Dinka became family! A processes organizer, destructuring preconceptions, triggering ideas, an anchor to the earth. I would say DINKA is the STOP signal each company needs… a working tool!"
Gabriela Mazza
Managing Partner at ORGAN&Co
"We requested DINKA’s assistance as soon as we realized that we needed to organize our management operation and the performance of our different business areas. It was important to identify duplicate procedures and optimize our available resources. Thanks to the implementation of proper tools we achieved to make several necessary adjustments and subsequent amendments. Confiding in DINKA has been a great choice!"
Rodolfo Koch
Founder and Director at Control Uno
"Just when we thought we would go mad by the daily whirlwind produced by our business expansion, DINKA resulted the crucial support to manage holding back. They helped us to reframe the project smartly, get a more strategic vision and methodically organize the required future steps. We are eternally grateful…"
Lucas Lanusse
Managing Partner at School Wear
"Sandra is the kind of person who guarantees a well done job. She performs without difficulty in the technical field as well as at strategic level, with a great analysis capacity and attention to detail, but also watching on foresight and forward looking activities. She is extraordinary inquisitive and has a huge learning capacity. Her interpersonal skills and talent to enhance the creative potential of those with whom she is working, is also great. To sum up, Sandra is one of the best professionals I have ever worked with so far."
Alberto Corsin Jiménez.
Senior Scientist at Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas, Spain
"Our Clinical Reaserch Institute in Mar del Plata has grow really fast during the years. Suddenly, we realized that we needed the support of professionals who really knew how to handle a company, so we contacted DINKA. Up to that moment, we have just been following our common sense to manage our firm. Counting on specialized professionals has been absolutely different. We have professionalized each area of the company, we have learnt a great deal about human resources…. DINKA is professionalism, human warmth and education"
Dra. Georgina Sposetti.
Director and Co-founder at Mar del Plata Clinical Research Center, TED-x speaker
"Working with DINKA has been like a journey to recognize what I essentially was looking for. They understood how to guide me to find my inner path and materialize what I wanted to do. It has been a real pleasure to share their way of working because not only are they an excellent team of professionals, but they knew how to accompany, listen and understand from the human perspective as well. The results were far more satisfactory than I had expected since with their support I have been able to take concrete steps, create strategies and put in order our daily tasks, achieving this way a much more efficient and professional work."
Arq. Ma. Dolores Comas.
Entrepreneur, Director at Loli Comas – Architecture & Design
"We are truly grateful for the assistance received from DINKA which enabled us to move a step forward in our projects. They have extensive expertise in what they do, devoted fully to the projects as their own. It is a highly recommended company."
Juan Cionfrini.
"I feel as if DINKA was really part of our company, particularly Valeria. I can clearly identify their commitment and concern as if it were their own. Their engagement gives us strength, enthusiasm and motivation. I always look forward to our meetings and I hope that our future encounters will help us to continue growing in our business. Thanks a lot for your great commitment!!;"
Melina Pustilnik.
Lexinton Propiedades
"At Gamebro we felt that we needed guidance and professional advice to continue our development. When needs and findings unite, real opportunities arise! At that very moment I met Sandra who immediately understood our business operation and our main needs. Due to DINKA’s intervention we got an enlightening picture allowing us to continue on solid ground using new tools specially designed for us. Thank you!!!!"
Inés Schvartzman.
Co-founder and Manager at Gamebro
"We are managing very well working together with Debora. She is doing a wonderful work and I can experience her commitment and full understanding of our needs. Our staff shares these same concepts and our expectations are being perfectly fulfilled. From my perspective, they are highly recommended."
Marcelo and Alejandro Tear.
CEO / CFO at OneInfo Consulting
"For a long time I´ve been wanting to transform my business into a sustainable company. Therefore, I was recommended to get in contact with DINKA. I am more than pleased with them and I feel that I´ve found what I´ve been looking for! To organize our company, to implement processing methods and to improve our communication… I’m very happy with DINKA! We are now ending a very important stage because, and I consider that we can keep growing almost to infinity."
Luciano Levi.
Founding Partner and Director at Lexinton Propiedades
SuperCeli was born from a dream very difficult to fulfill, because I had no previous experience in the entrepreneur field. DINKA became my compass. Gabriela Gutiérrez committed herself to the project and took it as her own from day one, listening to my ideas, understanding my needs and providing her expertise and professionalism. I’m very thankful for her guidance and support given to this lovely Project.”
Camila Jamschon Barón.
Founder at SuperCeli
"We contacted DINKA and realized, since we first met, that they would understand our needs. And indeed, they are what we were looking for! A team who have been helping us to focus on what we really need and what is important to us. They have organized our structure, have helped us in taking decisions we were delaying. They have given us advice during this decision-making process and its implementation. From now on, they have the responsibility to support us during our growth and we are sure that they will be up to the challenge"
Pablo Villamil.
CEO at Alamo Consultores
"It has been the right decision to work with Dinka’s consultants team. We are working on the definition of our business strategy, being supported by their solid professionals with great expertise. Every meeting poses challenges and specific planning to structure the work and the necessary tasks to achieve the pursued objectives. Highly recommended!"
Marisa Martino.
Co-founder Sugeri Online
"Having met Sandra and DINKA is helping us enormously in trying to put our ideas into some kind of perspective, and in developing our business and potential as entrepreneurs. There is still much to do. We trust in DINKA to continue supporting us along this road. Despite the external difficulties, we will keep renewing our enthusiasm in working better every day and hopefully achieve our goals. Thank you Sandra! Thank you DINKA!"
Fabian Pelleriti.
Managing Partner - Interjoyas Creative Group
"Sandra has been of great importance to us by helping to restructure our company, optimizing processes and using other perspectives to improve communication with our working team."
Dario Rizzo.
Founding partner at Alternativa Propiedades
"Working with DINKA has been really important to our company, not only during the initial restructuring and processes' reorganization phase, but also at the subsequent time of successfully selling our company. The clarity of thoughts and the right tools applied in both processes became an excellent experience, both at professional and human level."
Javier Feldman.
Co-founder and former Director at Freshmatic
"We have chosen to work with DINKA based on the need to professionalize our day to day work and to achieve efficiency in our activity. Consequently we will be ready to grow professionally and to face new challenges. No doubt, the thorough work and most important the daily commitment towards our clients were part of an ideal combination when we decided to pick DINKA as our strategic partner."
Maximiliano Casa Juarros.
Managing Director at DUSAN
"Working with DINKA’s team is a very enriching experience. We know that we are dealing with high quality products at competitive prices, but we weren´t able to focus on relevant issues in the sales area, distribution, logistics and other topics on which they constantly emphasize. Working with them is really very comfortable and we learn a lot. Thank you DINKA!"
Rut Chami
Co-Founder at Maranda
"Since the day I met Sandra during a lecture at the UP (Palermo University) I realized that DINKA was exactly what our business venture needed to stimulate our growth. I feel very supported, and every decision we make based on DINKA´s suggestions is the same one, or even better, that the one I would have taken as the owner of my company. I trust blindly on their advices. They´ve helped me in setting up my processes and organizing my project. I know that with DINKA'S support, the sky is the limit for my venture."
Carla Bigliani.
Manager and Designer at A Lo Mejor Carlota
"I believe that each company’s goal is to grow. But for a successful growth it has to be done in an orderly way. Led by DINKA, such goal is possible."
Debora Mayra Chiquis.
Director and Designer at Kiave Handbags
"I’m very pleased with DINKA’s performance. They are helping me getting organized in my daily tasks, planning processes and creating a working methodology. This is a perfect guide to move forward. We continue working together and have already experienced very good results. I strongly recommend DINKA to those who still are undecided and don’t know where to start from."
Diego Molina
Founder and CEO at KIWI Merchandising
"Working with DINKA has been a renewing experience. I managed to launch several commercial projects I had in mind but wasn’t sure about. Thanks to DINKA’s professional advice I could place them in order and take actions. I am ready for a big step!"
Paula De Maio.
Director and Designer at DM por Demás
"I was recommended to get in touch with DINKA as a way to acquire the tools I needed to make my products profitable. After our first meeting I realized that DINKA was an integral solution for my business venture. DINKA offered me the possibility to professionalize my business, turn it profitable and increase my sales not only by adopting certain strategies but also by applying new ways of working."
Lic. Soledad Nabais.
Entrepreneur JAMSA
"After almost two years carrying my project in mind, destiny led me to DINKA, and since a couple of months we are working together to make this project come true. When we started it was just a bunch of ideas. Today, thanks to DINKA, I can say that "SOS Enfermeros" has a business structure. We have still much work to do but if it hadn´t been for DINKA, this would not be happening. Thank you very much for your predisposition and patience and I hope you will continue helping me to turn my project into reality."
Lic. Daniel Liboreiro.
Enfermeros en Domicilio and S.O.S. Enfermero
"I feel very comfortable working with DINKA. Gabriela is a highly skilled professional and I think she is the right person for our project. Throughout the consulting process we are learning to work more efficiently. This procedure also acts as a kind of therapy and allows us to think about the future of the company."
Carlos Schenone.
Partner, CFO at Horizon Trading S.A.
"We are in the middle of a very positive process of change managment led by Valeria, DINKA. We were facing a situation of uncontrolled growth and particularly the problem of three business units operating as separate companies. We started by redesigning each job position as a specific area, not as an individual company, with immediate successful results. We are currently going through the definition of our internal processes and the implementation of a customized system. We have achieved very good results so far and are enthusiastic to continue working with balanced scorecards and analysis of intermediate, and high level information to support our decision-making. We are deeply greatful to Valeria and the DINKA team for their assistance!”
Daniel Ohana.
CEO at Millenium Group

Who are those who choose us?

We support businessmen and entrepreneurs who need to find several solutions for their SMEs or projects in just one place:

Managers of SMEs and Familiy Enterprises which reflect structural problems in their organizations, affecting the good development of their activities.

SME's entrepreneurs, no matter the size of the business, detecting a lack of focus in their business evolution.

Entrepreneurs feeling confident in their projects and needing to achieve better results and increase their sales.

Entrepreneurs trusting their ideas, feeling the rush of adrenaline to start their own venture, but needing help and support for the initial steps.