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About us

We are an multidisciplinary team of professionals working hand in hand with entrepreneurs and SME’s owners accompanying their growth. We seek to generate long lasting customized tools.

To build strong teams together with our clients and become their strategic partner.

To grow organically. Working day after day seeking our client’s growth, achieving mutual feedback and producing very interesting results for both sides.

Best-quality service.
Responsibility, transparency and integrity.
Professional development and ongoing training.
Vocation to work.

Eng. Sandra Felsenstein

Founder and Managing Director

Industrial Engeneer from UBA (Universidad de Buenos Aires). Speaker in Vistage, Director and Founder of DINKA. Strongly oriented to potentiate existent businesses and guide and boost new endeavours, as from the strategic design (...)

(...) through its implementation. Believing every case is unique and particular, she pays special attention to designing and implementing the needed skills for the growth of both the SMEs and the Entrepreneur. She dictated Economics and Marketing lessons for SMEs, Business Economics and Corporate Organisations. She is a speaker in diverse entities, organizes taylor-made in-company courses. She is a jury and mentor in diverse organizations and contests for entrepreneurs (Startup Weekend, Vital Voices, LABJoven, among others). She took a postgraduate course in Strategic Marketing (UB), and constant specialization Business courses such as Think Different (IAE), Creative Lab (IAE), Foreign Trade (BankBoston Foundation), TPM and Lean (J&J), among others. She started her Professional Career as Industrial Organization Analyst in Johnson & Johnson, later on she became a Financial Analyst in Compass Group Argentina, and then worked as Project Consultant in Reingeneering Processes in diverse multinational companies such as Techint and Quinsa (Quilmes, Pepsi), etc. Furthermore, she was the Argentine Representative of the Spanish global strategic consultancy firm BICG, for whom she leaded projects about New Work Methods in companies like Repsol YPF during its process of moving the company to the César Pelli Tower in Puerto Madero. Within that project, she delivered strategic support to the VPs, collaborating in the spatial, cultural and organizational design of the new headquarters, in the cultural management of change and with the Communicational Campaign. In 2005 she founded DINKA which from its beginning advised and lead numerous entrepreneurs in the start-ups of their projects, and Businessmen of SMEs in the generation of tools for its growth and adaptation to the vertiginous market changes. In 2007 the venture was recognized by Diario Clarín (one of the most prestigious newspapers in Argentina) as one of the ten most innovative projects of the Year in the country and, at the same time, received the invitation of the Government of United Arab Emirates to travel and present the project, twice.

Lic. Débora Felsenstein

Consultant at DINKA

She holds a degree in Business Economics – graduated from the Torcuato Di Tella University. Initially she worked as a Research Analyst for I2M (Innovation to Market). Later on she joined KRAFT FOODS (...)

(...) as an FME & Procurement Analyst in the Finance Division. She was afterwards hired by PULPO MEDIA holding a Business Controller position. She was responsible for performing the forecast for different possible business scenarios, budget, monthly closures (P&L reports, corporate presentations). She was also actively engaged in the company’s sale, submitting reports of different scenarios, financial projections and analyses for the Board. Once the sale of the company was completed she held the position of Business Analytics Manager, responsible for the management control of several areas, cross-reengineering processes and leading improvement projects and their implementation. She also designed and handled management control boards for different company areas (commercial, administrative, etc.).

Lic. Delfina Pérès Copello

Consultant at DINKA

She holds a degree in Economics, graduated from the University of Buenos Aires. She attended a marketing digital executive program. She performed her professional career in Marketing for JOHNSON & JOHNSON (...)

(...) She entered as a trainee and in the course of 4 years he managed to perform as Product Manager being responsible for the analysis and development of the annual strategy of the category, providing support to subsidiaries in other Latin American countries. He provided consulting services for Strategy, Marketing and Sales to SMEs in Venezuela, where he lived for two years.

Ing. María Gabriela Gutiérrez

Consultant at DINKA

Industrial Engineer graduated from the Cuyo National University. She began her professional career as an analyst in the operating area of the Banco de Mendoza. She then joined Citibank Corporate taking part in the implementation of a credit approval  automation system, which was later spread to several Latin American countries. (...)


(...) Afterwards she performed at Aspire Systems coordinating teams from Argentina, USA and India in creating website platforms. Later on she travelled to Madrid leading the start-up of the web-platform multimedia Canal + España and afterwards as its chief operating officer. Back in Argentina she worked as a consultant in several projects. She took part of the start up of a wine retailing company and also of another firm dealing with gastronomy products, both in its brand creation as well as in the business strategy and operations coordination. She finally started a corporate events company, becoming general coordinator of a variety of gastronomic spaces in exhibitions and trade fairs as well as in social and corporate events.

Eng. Mariana Fernández Castro

Consultant at DINKA

Industrial Engineer graduated from ITBA. She started her professional career in the Foreign Trade area at SIDERAR (Techint group). She then joined TELEFONICA as an Investments and Business Analyst (...)

(...) for its Planning and Budget office. Afterwards she has been leading developments of new products and launches for the Marketing sector. Furthermore she has been involved in several regional promotion campaigns as well as in a regional project for improvement of processes for developing products. She provided advice to MOVISTAR in the Regulatory Strategy area for several business projects such as the launching of the Mobile Number Portability. Since then, she has been offering project consultancy services.

Eng. Valeria Dorronsoro

Consultant at DINKA

IT Engineer graduated from UCA with a postgraduate degree in datamining applied to Engineering. (...)

(...) She has over 20 years of experience leading projects in SMEs as well as in large companies. She started her professional career as a consultant at Lloyd’s Bank, afterwards at AT&T as an IT security analyst and was later promoted to its Development Department. After that she joined Persicco’s start up where she was envolved in the lay out of their ice-cream shops, their billing-settings and call-center. She continued her professional career at AVON, leading a global standardization project and responsible for the Latam cluster. She then joined DOKATECH, a division of the SIDUS Group as manager of development and implementation. In connection with the drug industry, she provided consultancy in good practices to pharmacies and drugstores. Afterwards she joined ARCOR S.A.I.C. and worked there for over 10 years leading projects in several areas and reaching a transversal knowledge of the whole company. She also designed the warehouses’ performance indicators and control panels. Throughout her career she worked at telecommunication, finance, manufacture, mass consumption and services companies in both SMEs as well as large companies.

Lic. Clarisa Gonzalez Palechiz

 E-commerce specialist 

She holds a degree in Advertising and is also an expert in e-commerce. She developed and provided support to over 18 trademarks in their e-commerce’ start-ups. For the past 5 years she has been performing as a specialist (...)

(...) in Digital Marketing and on-line Advertising. During 3 years she has been actively involved in CACE (Argentine E-commerce Chamber). She attended courses on Advertising in Search Engines at Google and also took part of an on-line Executive Marketing Programme at UBA (University of Buenos Aires). She is a team-builder and has a significant experience training working teams.

Acct. Teresita Vega

Valuations specialist

Graduated as Public Accountant from the University of Buenos Aires , she followed postgraduate studies in Financial Administration (UBA) and several business–vision oriented courses (“Marketing for non Marketing oriented people”, (...)

(...) “Leadership”, “Difficult Conversations”, “Teamwork”, “Creative Negotiation”). She developed her professional career in the financial area of the Business Analysis Division at KIMBERLY CLARK and afterwards as financial backing for Operations and Supply Chain in Latam, analyzing new investment projects, footprint between sites, operational costs optimization and analysis of facilities’ indicators. She has been involved in a special costs analysis project for Central America and Caribbean based in Costa Rica, where she was residing during a 4 months period.

Diana Stier

Back-office and Communication

Her working career includes performing in administrative and communication areas (trilingual Spanish – English – German) as well as in commercial areas, both at local firms as well as others abroad. (...)

(...) She worked for companies in various fields, such as BROWN BOVERI (Madrid) – Assistant to the Board of Directors; MARY KAY COSMETICS – Assistant to the CEO ; BANCO TORNQUIST – initially as Communication, Public Relations and Press Coordinator and afterwards as Leasing Account Executive, among others.